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C.P. Engineering Limited was formed in 1972 and was originally founded by an Italian. It was later purchased in 1975 by the current owners making the Company 100% Zambian owned. Over a period of almost forty years, C.P. Engineering Limited has grown in size and now has a staff of over thirty eight employees and is sub-divided into four different sections, namely: The Machine Shop, Boiler Shop, Bulk Storage Warehouse and a Retail outlet.

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Exclusive agents for:

C.P. Engineering Limited is an authorized dealer of high quality world renowned HEYCO Tools of Germany who is also the principle supplier of all major tools to Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volvo, VW, and MAN trucks of Europe. In the field of machining tools for the workshop, we are the exclusive agent in Zambia for PILOT TOOLS (Pty) LIMITED of South Africa. Pilot is one of the leading manufacturers of tungsten carbide blanks for the mining industry.All HEYCO Tools are carefully tested before leaving our works and are fully Guaranteed.

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