Retail Outlet

Lastly, the fourth section of the Company is the Retail Outlet. The storefront has been C.P.’s latest expansion to expose the range of fasteners to individuals and other Companies. Additionally, a lot other hardware items related to fasteners have been introduced such as ring, combination, and open ended spanners, impact wrenches, screw drivers. torque wrenches, vices. pipe wrenches, allen keys, torx wrenches and complete mechanics, fitters, and electrician tool boxes.

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Warehousing and Distribution

The third section deals with warehousing and distribution of fasteners. C.P. Engineering in recent years has become the country’s largest stockiest of numerous types of bolts, nuts, washers, threaded bars, screws , and studs in mild steel, high tensile steel and stainless steel, No other dealer in the country carries as much variety of fasteners.

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Boiler Shop

The boiler shop is involved in fabrication of tanks, repairs and rebuilding axles, repairing dumper truck bodies, bulldozer and excavator buckets, customized containers, and other items as per drawings. Trolleys are also manufactured and distributed to other hardware stores. However, the Company mainly concentrates on light to medium duty work only and not on heavy fabrication.

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Machine Shop

The machine shop and the boiler shop are the two original sections of the Company where all our machining and fabrication are done. The machine shop manufactures various types of gears, sprockets, anchor bolts, pins, sleeves, couplings and numerous other products.